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Princess Nella Kick Up



Nella the Princess Knight: Is about Princess Nella, a girl who saves the citizens of her parents' kingdom by transforming into a princess knight. She does it with the help of her friends, Trinket, Sir Garrett, and Clod. Together they go on quests, solve mysteries, and learn valuable lessons.

Princess Nella: is an adventurous 8-year-old princess knight who protects her kingdom. She's fearless, confident, sweet, helpful, easy going, and a very friendly knight..

Trinket: Is Nella's talking unicorn and best friend who loves fashion. She is the styled one of the gang. Despite being her best friend, Trinket can go down to some seriousness and very fearful in every episode..

Sir Garrett: is a knight who tags along with Nella on her quests. He collects trading cards that identify different types of magical creatures. He is the smart one of the gang.

Clod: is Garrett's talking steed and is friends with Sir Garrett, Nella, and Trinket who has two horns on his head and is often the comic relief of the gang.