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Rapunzel: Is not a typical Disney Princess; her blonde hair, which is 70 feet long, has the magical ability to heal and to reverse aging when she sings the special Healing Incantation. Kidnapped by Mother Gothel as an infant, Rapunzel is raised by Gothel and locked away in a tall tower up until her 18th birthday, when she is "rescued" by Flynn Rider. Rapunzel spends her time painting, cooking, candle-making, reading, brushing her hair, playing with Pascal, observing the outside world from within the tower, singing, and interacting with Mother Gothel. Being immensely fascinated by the floating lanterns that take place on her birthday each year, Rapunzel begins to develop a sense of curiosity and seeks to pursue her dream of seeing those "lights in the sky" one day. However, she has not overcome Mother Gothel's strict guardianship and thus has been staying in the tower, longing for the day when her life "begins".