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Soy Luna: Luna is a girl who lives with her family in Cancún, Mexico. She goes to school, has her own group of friends, and loves to skate. However, her life changes when her parents are given a job offer that will move them to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The holidays are over and everyone returns home. Luna walks to a revealing truth, with illusion, in her reunion with Matteo. No one knows the secret that Matteo hides, but Luna is willing to fight with the wind and the air to find out. Over time, Luna helps Matteo to discover his true passion and he must cope with the pressure of his demanding father. In the Benson mansion is a tense atmosphere after the arrival of Alfredo, father of Mrs. Sharon, changes the routine and brings back memories of the past. Luna feels a strong sympathy for this funny man who looks so much alike. Their relationship, with the help of Nina, marks a new personal path for Luna and helps investigate the mysteries of her past. Holiday conflicts affect the group of others. Amber, Jasmine, Delfi, Gastón, Ramiro and Matteo who are finishing their studies, must decide which way to go.