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Soy Luna Pac-Man



Ramiro: Ramiro is very self demanding. He can skate, dance, and sing very well, and he knows it. He wants to do everything well, and when he does not, he can not keep his frustration in check. Ramiro can't admit to any of his mistakes, and tries to blame his mistakes on the people around him. In other people's eyes he can be seen as arrogant and unsympathetic. Ramiro dreams of being a star, and works hard, hoping one day his dream will come true.

Gastón Perida: Gastón is gentle and nice, but also very confident. He respects everyone, but sometimes gets annoyed and gets angry. Unlike his best friend Matteo, he is grounded and trusting. His main interests are skating, music, and girls. As the first season progresses, he starts to get tired of his superficial and shallow world.